Staffing Partner

Staffing (Human Resources) Partner

Contract Services Group maintains a unique and strategic partnership with Staff Source, which allows us to locate top talent in sourcing our workforce. The Quality Control Industry is very cyclical, by partnering with Staff Source and leveraging our partnership, we have a strategic advantage in being able to deploy team members to similar assignments when work slows and be able to call them back in as work picks up. Thereby, we are able to keep our trained and experienced employees continually available without the “revolving door” our competitors are typically faced with. Staff Source assists us in finding, screening, and testing applicants and maintains them in a large “pool” for us. Additionally, the Staff Source team assists us in scheduling and dispatching CSG Team members through use of their sophisticated software systems. They maintain an intimate knowledge of our business processes, procedures and culture and are a valued partner. To learn more about Staff Source, you can visit them at